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Wisconsin's Hearing & Speech Resource

The Center for Communication, Hearing & Deafness is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to help infants, children, and adults reach their fullest potential by eliminating communication and language barriers through personalized services, technology, and education.

CCHD is one of the only specialized hearing centers of its kind in the country, where individuals with all degrees of hearing loss - from infants to the elderly - can find comprehensive programs and services that enhance communication and promote independence. From toddler communication groups to hearing aids, visual alerting devices to sign language interpreters, speech-reading classes to Auditory-Verbal Therapy, the Center for Communication, Hearing & Deafness helps children, families, and adults challenged by hearing loss reach their goals, using the communication mode of their choice. 

At CCHD, you will find experienced, caring professionals who are committed to providing unbiased information and a variety of choices to help you live better with hearing loss.